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Should I Use My Hot Tub Before or After My Workout

Written by: Caldera Spas As you regularly exercise to improve your health and strength, your body is in a constant state of regeneration. Workouts stress your muscles and joints, as well as your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. But there are ways to support and ease that stress so you can relax and avoid getting discouraged by soreness or exhaustion. Enjoying a thriving, active lifestyle means finding a productive balance between exertion and recovery. Soaking in your home spa helps to find that perfect balance in a single, relaxing activity. A 20-minute soak can motivate and energize you before a workout, and relax you and promote recovery after a workout. Weaving a soak into your exercise regime can make reaching your goals more fun, too. Whether you aim for a competitive edge, want a therapeutic approach to weight loss, or strive for an overall active and healthy lifestyle, your hot tub…