Pool parties are the ultimate summer activity, and when you have your own backyard pool, plan on lots of fun with family and friends at your home.  In addition to the main attraction — the pool — a pool party should have plenty of food and drinks for your guests, who will undoubtedly work up an appetite from all that swimming.  Grilling is a delicious, quick way to get a meal to your guests without being stuck in the kitchen and missing out on the party. Litehouse has a huge selection of grills from top brands like Big Green Egg, Weber, and Traeger. Check out our selection to see which one best suits your needs!

The Old Standby

Hot dogs and hamburgers are the quintessential grillable meal, enjoyed by almost everyone.  A kid-friendly feast, burgers and dogs can be thrown on the grill and don’t take long to prepare or to cook. Just be sure not to undercook your hamburgers for food safety.  Buns and condiments are inexpensive and universally available. Serve your hamburgers and hot dogs with pasta salad, potato salad, coleslaw or macaroni salad, great options that can either be homemade quickly or store-bought in sizes perfect for a party of a few or a few dozen.  A green salad and a few bags of chips round out the food choices and create an easily grillable meal for your pool party.

Poolside Steakhouse

If you’re looking to serve a grillable meal for a special occasion, or simply because you want to break out the grill for some juicy steaks, go for it.  Choose your favorite cut, or grill a few large steaks to slice and serve. While the steaks are cooking, slice some mushrooms and onions and grill them up for the perfect meat topping.  Accompaniments for a grilled steak dinner can be anything from corn on the cob to a baked potato bar, and both of these can also be grilled. Start or pair your meal with a Caesar salad or summer-fresh caprese.

Vegetarian Only

If you, your family or any friends are vegetarians, or you’re just looking to make a meatless meal, you’ve still got the green light to grill poolside.  So many vegetarian options, from plant- and soy-based burgers and hot dogs to large, delicious, meaty portabella mushroom caps, can be eaten just like a hamburger.  Extra-firm tofu can be grilled just like a piece of meat, and veggies themselves do quite well on a grill. If they’re small or sliced, place them in a grill-safe basket so they don’t fall through the grates on the grill. If you just want to avoid meat but are open to fish, salmon and tuna steak and other non-flaky fish hold up well on a grill and can be extremely flavorful. A vegetarian poolside meal can be a light and refreshing addition to your summer pool party.

While all of these meals sound delicious, you can’t have a pool party without a pool.  Call Litehouse Pools & Spas today and our experts will help you start building your dream pool and outdoor oasis.

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