Is a new workout plan on the top of your 2017 resolutions list? A swim spa can provide you with the new lifestyle you’ve been looking for. Water provides 12 to 15 times more resistance than air. So you can burn as many as 3 times more calories than if you walked at a moderate pace—and it’s more refreshing! It allows you to create your own workout to blast fat and get heart healthy. A swim spa makes a wonderful addition to your home or outdoor space because it offers optimal versatility with a relatively small, space-saving footprint. Use the spa to your fitness advantage, or to unwind and spend quality time with your family. With a variety of available accessories and a strong, integrated current, you can design a personalized workout to test and improve your endurance without ever getting out of the water. Swim Against the Current Forget…


Plenty of people wish they had room for a pool in their backyards. The main reason is because swimming is great exercise for a bunch of different reasons – the buoyancy of the water takes stress and pressure off the joints, which means water aerobics are perfect for those with limited mobility. In addition, swimming laps is an efficient cardiovascular workout that gets the heart pumping and all four limbs moving. Advantages of a Swim Spa vs. a Pool When homeowners don’t have room for a pool but are looking for a similar solution, swim spas are a good answer. They’re compact and come in sizes small enough for the tiniest yards and have the option to be above-ground and in-ground. Swim spas are also more energy-efficient. They offer the relaxing benefits of a hot tub with the exercise opportunities of a full-size swimming pool. Relaxation Swim spas have jets…