Hot Tub Benefits


Hot Tub Hydrotherapy: Top 3 Benefits of Daily Water Immersion

By: By Kevin Mecum (Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, Watkins Wellness/Caldera Spas) Right after we got married, my wife suggested we buy a hot tub. She had a hot tub in her backyard growing up, and her family used it regularly as a therapeutic and motivating way to put health and self-care front and center in their lives. Nearly every Saturday morning, they all soaked in the hot tub to warm up before taking a hike in the hills nearby. Her parents understood the important role their hot tub played in their wellness practices, so they instilled that same understanding in their kids, along with a commitment to an active lifestyle. Today, my wife and I support each other in that same commitment, using our own hot tub every morning as a way to kickstart the day. We step out of our 20-minute soaks feeling energized and empowered to keep making…