Plenty of people wish they had room for a pool in their backyards. The main reason is because swimming is great exercise for a bunch of different reasons – the buoyancy of the water takes stress and pressure off the joints, which means water aerobics are perfect for those with limited mobility. In addition, swimming laps is an efficient cardiovascular workout that gets the heart pumping and all four limbs moving.

Advantages of a Swim Spa vs. a Pool

When homeowners don’t have room for a pool but are looking for a similar solution, swim spas are a good answer. They’re compact and come in sizes small enough for the tiniest yards and have the option to be above-ground and in-ground. Swim spas are also more energy-efficient. They offer the relaxing benefits of a hot tub with the exercise opportunities of a full-size swimming pool.


Swim spas have jets like a hot tub, so they can be used for relaxation very easily. Their large size in comparison to a standard hot tub also means that they will fit more people, usually up to 5 for seating capacity and more for non-seating.


One of the most obvious uses for a swim spa is fitness. They’re built especially for those who want to partake in low-impact exercise (the smaller models) or enjoy the benefits of a good, long swim (the larger models). Most are built to accommodate accessories such as resistance bands, underwater treadmills, and more. Many people choose to buy a swim spa because it is the perfect machine for low-impact exercise and does not overtax the joints for rehibilitation.

How Do Swim Spas Work?

A swim spa is a small size, usually anywhere from 12 to 15 feet long and about 7 feet wide. This means they can fit most places a large pool cannot while still providing some of the same recreational and exercise benefits. They do this by producing a steady current of water that creates resistance. Models are powered differently – people who want to be able continuously swim like they are in open water need a stronger current than those who want to use their swim spa for casual exercise or rehabilitation.

Ultimately, there is a range of models for different types of uses, from light exercise and hot tub use to the more serious swimmer who wants to be able to train efficiently. There are different models to fit the wants and needs of every Swim Spa user. Swim spas are a smart buy for anyone who wants the benefits of a full-size swimming pool in a more cost-effective and compact package.

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