Football season is here and with that comes tailgating. No game day is complete without a full spread of meat and vegetables right off the grill. We have some tips to help make your tailgating days ones to remember.


Don’t let the game sneak up on you, plan your menu during the week, prep your meats the night before, and load up your gear bright and early on game day. Here are a few tips for tailgate prep:
1. Form burger patties the night before so you don’t have to handle the meat without a sink and antibacterial soap.
2. Marinate or brine meat the night before.
3. Serve chili in bread bowls to save on garbage.


Tailgating is just as important as the game itself, Litehouse offers a large selection of grills that make tailgating easy and wood-fired smoke infused game day food with delicious layers of flavor, your food will be the best tasting BBQ of the lot. You’ll want to find a grill with a large cooking capacity while still being portable.


– Meat and side dish ingredients
– Condiments
– Spices & Sauces
– Cooler With Beverages
– Utensils
– Tongs
– Spatulas
– Garbage Bags
– Sunscreen
– Paper towels
– A football
– A slew of friends


While your grill is still hot, scrub it with the cut side of a freshly halved onion. Not only will the oils in the onion get rid of most of the residue left over on the grill, but they’ll also season the grill and add flavor the next time it is used.

Next time you plan to tailgate, we hope these tips come in handy. Stop into your local Litehouse and get your grilling essentials for game day.

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