A hot tub is a relaxing respite from the toil and trouble of everyday life. Especially for those who are lucky enough to own a hot tub, they can simply turn it on, hop in, and let the bubbles melt away their stress. With an investment like this, however, maintenance is extremely important, especially for the longevity of the hot tub and to get a lot of good use out of it. Here are some important maintenance factors to keep hot tubs in Eerie bubbling all throughout the seasons.

Daily Maintenance Tasks

For the optimal hot tub experience, some daily maintenance is an excellent idea. This might just involve checking the pH and sanitizer levels of the water to ensure they’re at the correct, safe levels. This is done by dipping a test strip into the water. However, if the pH level is off, daily maintenance might also need to include putting in some additive to prevent problems (mineral buildup, scale, cloudy water, or even skin irritation).

Weekly Maintenance To-Dos

For the cleanest water in a hot tub, weekly maintenance is essential. For instance, adding enough sanitizer to “shock” the water weekly will help kill bacteria and germs. Adding a de-scaling agent weekly is good for those who live in areas with a high mineral content in the water. This will keep build-up from forming on important hot tub parts, like hoses.

Sporadic Maintenance Musts

Sporadically, perhaps a few times a year, it’s a good plan to clean the hot tub’s filters. It’s also smart to drain all the water from your hot tub and refill it once in a while, just to make sure water quality is maintained.
Since owning a hot tub is an investment, it is something you will want to protect. Doing quick inspections of your hot tub can help catch any small problems before they become big issues. The easiest check is to look for leaks around the hot tub area. If you notice something larger that’s wrong, such as the heat not working properly, you should call the Litehouse service department and have it inspected. It’s a good idea to have yearly inspections from a reputable repair person to make sure your hot tub is running as it should, and to double-check that all parts are in good working order.


A hot tub can be a wonderful way to relax in the comfort of home, but only if it’s always working properly and running well when you need it to de-stress. Luckily, maintenance is relatively easy if hot tub owners keep up with it on a regular basis and pay attention to any little issues. To re-cap, the best way to maintain a hot tub and keep it in top condition in all seasons requires at least the following steps:

• Checking the pH level of the water daily and adjusting as needed
• Shocking the water weekly to prevent clouding, and de-scaling to prevent mineral deposits and buildup
• Cleaning the filters and draining the entire tub a few times a year
• Performing regular inspections and getting small issues looked at by a professional

By following these recommendations, you will have a relaxing hot tub ready and bubbling for a comforting dip after a long day.

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