Everyone’s gearing up for the summer, and an inground swimming pool is a great way to make your yard the go-to hot spot for your kids and their friends. Naturally, you need a great space, good foundations and a solid build, but there’s plenty more to consider when making a great pool that your kids can enjoy.

Get the Height Right

You want a pool that your kids can stand in, so we recommend that you build it with them in mind. An extensive shallow end ensures they can put their feet on the bottom and gradually gain the confidence to head toward the deep end. Even better, when they play, if the pool has a deeper end, the adults can join in and not have too much extra reach.

Include Nets and Hoops

These are a low-cost addition to your pool, but they let your kids enjoy a bit of fun when they’re in. A pool can eliminate height advantages that siblings have while growing up, and the extra resistance from the water tires them out so they get a good night’s rest.

Always Supervise

While pools are fun, be sure to keep pools covered and gates locked when you’re away from home, and be around to supervise, especially if you have kids who aren’t confident swimmers.  It allows you to help out if there are any mishaps, such as minor trips and falls.
Be sure your kids know the rules: no running, keep an eye on others swimming, no dive-bombing and respect others using the pool.

Keep It Clean

Pools attract everything from insects to family pets (especially dogs), so keeping them clean is a priority. Skim them at the beginning of the day, and routinely inspect filters. You should also perform water tests regularly to ensure the chemical levels are optimal. Litehouse carries a wide assortment of pool chemicals to help keep your pool clean and pest-free.

Your pool is a great place for everyone to hang out, especially your kids. These tips help keep it a safe yet fun place for them to play. If you want to create a custom pool, contact Litehouse Pools & Spas today.

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