Swimming pool design ideas are endless, and the sheer number of choices can be both exciting and overwhelming. During the design and building process, Litehouse Pools & Spas can help you choose the type, shape and size of your pool, along with your desired depth and any added features. Consider these design ideas to make the process easier.

Lounge Area

Adding a lounge area to your pool is a great way to relax and socialize, enjoy a cold drink or get some poolside reading in. Whether it’s a ledge, individual built-in stools or in-water pool furniture, you won’t regret adding this design element. Combining the lounge area with your patio makes an excellent spot for a patio set and grill.


You won’t just use your Litehouse pool during the day, so lighting your pool area properly is vital for safety and increasing its appeal. Adding lighting in and around the pool maximizes the time you can enjoy your new pool and makes the atmosphere relaxing and pleasant for everyone. Consider soft, ambient lighting or colored lights for the ultimate outdoor experience. Nothing beats a pool party on a hot summer night, and lighting your pool well, efficiently and luxuriously will only add to the design appeal of your outdoor living area.

Hide The Equipment

Pool design ideas focus on adding beauty, luxury and entertainment to your home, but there’s no escaping pool equipment when building a backyard pool. Hiding unsightly but necessary pool equipment allows eyes to focus on your sleek new pool. You can hide equipment naturally with plants, trees and clever landscaping. A lower-maintenance option is to add a screen or enclosure, making sure that equipment is still easily accessible. If space isn’t an issue and your budget allows, building a shed, pool box or small pool house is an option to hide your equipment, add storage space and secure pool machinery from inclement weather.

Fun Features

Adding a feature such as a diving board, water slide, jump rocks or swim-up bar can significantly add to the appeal and fun factor of your pool. Any pool features add extra entertainment, but if you’re looking for a constant-depth pool or you’re concerned about small children, consider a basketball hoop or volleyball net instead. Adding at least one accessory to a backyard pool can make your house a hot spot for friends and family and make your backyard oasis the epitome of summer fun.

These swimming pool design ideas are just a few of our favorite ways to build an eye-catching pool. Litehouse Pools & Spas has everything you need to make your space perfect. If you’re interested in designing the pool area for your home, visit one of our showrooms or give us a call today.

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