A pool party is the perfect way to get your children and their friends together for some fun in the sun. Whether it’s a birthday party or an end-of-the-school-year bash, a pool party gives kids something to do and helps everyone cool off during the warmer months. At Litehouse Pools & Spas, we can help get your backyard ready for your next summer bash.

Planning the Event

Start by getting the children to make out the guest list. Choose beach-themed invitations or those with a fun summer theme. Chances are the kids won’t spend all their time in the water, so be sure to have a few activities in the grass or in the shade for those who want to rest. Consider a table full of water guns or a balloon toss.

Decorate the Area

Turn your backyard patio into a tropical oasis with colorful decor. Add balloons or inflatable animals to the pool and hang colorful garlands. You may also consider placing a large container with towels, goggles and other swimming accessories for children to grab when coming in or out of the water.

Pump Up the Music

No outdoor party is complete without music. Whether you go all out and hire a DJ or blast tunes from your outdoor speakers, be sure to have the latest hits on hand to entertain the kids. If you aren’t sure about what’s popular, ask for suggestions before the day of the event.

Take Care of Your Pool

At least a week before the party, test the water to make sure the pH and chlorine levels are adjusted to safe levels. Test the lights, jets and filter to ensure everything’s in working order. The morning of the party, vacuum and skim out the pool so it’s sparkling clean for all the swimmers.

Prepare the Food and Drinks

Finally, be sure to serve up a variety of snacks and drinks for the guests. Swimming tends to leave kids famished, so plan a menu of pool party foods such as watermelon, popsicles, pretzels and chips. If you’re serving lunch or dinner, opt for easy finger foods like hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos or pizza. Remember to have plenty of drinking water nearby — but keep everything away from the balloon toss. If you have a screened room, that’s ideal.

Contact Us for More Information

Whether you know exactly what kind of swimming pool you want to install or you’re looking to add accessories to an existing design, Litehouse Pools & Spas can help you decide on everything you need. Contact us at (877) 464-7686 and let one of our professional staff members answer any questions you may have or drop by your local showroom to learn more.

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