The Cavs quick sweep of Toronto in the Eastern Conference Semifinals sets up a potential struggle for fans of LeBron James, Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving and company as they advance toward winning consecutive NBA championships. After being locked down in the house all winter and watching the team roll into the playoffs without regret of what you’re missing outside, the warm weather has returned and you’re ready to enjoy the spring and summer. Don’t worry. You can have the best of both worlds by pulling that watch party to your porch, patio or poolside. We’ve got you covered at Litehouse, which has been helping Northeast Ohio have fun outside for nearly 60 years.

Here are 6 steps to do your playoff party right:

Break out the big screen
Clearly, this is the most important move. Pull the flat-screen TV outside and place it on a secure table. It’s always a good idea to position it in a low-traffic area to reduce the “down in front” calls as people walk by the game action. This will also reduce the chances of it getting bumped and broken. If you’re looking to go all-out, consider using or renting a projector that can throw the big game to a really big screen – the garage door or a house wall qualify in a pinch.

Beat the sun’s glare
Make sure to get that screen in a spot protected from the sun so that the warm rays don’t go directly into a viewer’s eye. Also, hosts should be certain that the glare doesn’t wash out the picture. Check your lighting situation in the days before the game. One veteran party planner’s idea to use a large outdoor umbrella that you can reposition to block the sunlight as the sun sets.

Where will your guests sit?
Sure, you could break out the camping chairs and rough it, but that doesn’t sound comfortable for pre-gaming, two hours of action and an after-the-win celebration. Litehouse has great deals on a huge selection of patio sets, chairs, and couches that will be perfect for the game-day gathering and the rest of the summer season.

What’s on the menu?
This is the ideal chance to show off your grill skills by throwing some burgers, hot dogs and kabobs over the open fire. Ask guests to bring some appetizers and finger foods to munch on as the game gets to crunch time. Make sure to have a cooler full of cold beverages, perhaps one for the kids and one for the adults.

Speaking of kids, how do we occupy them?
This is simple. Say it with us: S’mores over the fire pit or in the outdoor fireplace.
Extra pro tips: Break apart the graham crackers and chocolate bars ahead of time to ease assembly. Consider freezing some of the chocolate pieces so they don’t melt before the kids get their hands on them.

Think of the neighbors
It’s always a good idea to keep up the relationship with your neighbors and since you’ll be creating more noise than normal, give them a heads-up about your plans. Maybe even invite them over – unless, of course, they root for the rival.

Go Cavs!

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