Nothing beats the summer heat like a cool, refreshing dip in a swimming pool. While above ground pools are always enjoyable, inground pools offer even more features for your family and guests to enjoy. Typically, larger and easier to enter and exit, they’re also usually much deeper, sometimes even letting you add diving boards and slides and play underwater games.

However, along with the benefits, inground pools also require additional maintenance to keep the pool water fresh and the area safe.

Tests and Adjustments

Inground pools require regular testing for pH and chlorine. Use high-quality pool chemicals, testing devices and pool care kits to check and restore proper levels.

Inground Swimming Pools Vs. Above Ground Swimming Pools

Keep in mind that since your inground pool contains more water by volume than most above-ground versions, you’ll need to adjust the treatments accordingly. You’ll also need to address the additional patio area bordering the pool for cleaning and safety concerns.

Cleaning the Pool

Clean your skimmers regularly, and use handheld skim nets to remove any additional debris. Be sure to check the deepest parts of the pool for materials that have settled to the bottom, and remove them with a pool vacuum. Inspect the side walls for waterline build-up and remove with a pool scrub brush and cleanser.

Shock Treatments

You’ll need to shock the pool according to your chlorine shock product instructions, typically once a week. Run your filtration system throughout the treatment time and avoid swimming for at least 24 hours.

Filtration System

To help keep the pool free from dirt, contaminants and bacteria, run your filtering system as much as possible. The additional water capacity of your inground pool requires more cleaning time to process than a smaller above-ground pool.


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